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User Interface Localization

Our distinctive combination of language and technical skills enables us to contribute to a variety of multilingual media projects.

We draw on our experience in project management, technical writing, language translation, audio recording, video editing, subtitle translation, and website development to deliver extremely high-quality language assets for your products and projects.

For example, here are a few projects to which we have contributed in recent years.


Website Translation

We have contributed translated text to numerous websites in Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, working directly with HTML and other encoded files when requested.


Interactive Television User Interface Translation

We translated several thousand encoded text strings for a major developer of interactive television systems to help create a Portuguese language version of their television user interface for distribution in Brazil.


CD-ROM Translation and Localization Project

We were hired to create an English-language version of a promotional CD-ROM developed by the Japanese division of a software company.

For this project, we:

• translated and edited in Photoshop the language elements in over 1,200 graphic images;

• translated and recorded an English language version of a script for a promotional video;

• hired a recording engineer and voice-over artists to
record male and female voice-over parts in our recording studio;

• and we used multimedia software tools to composite the graphic, video, textual and audio elements into a complete CD-ROM package.

Here is a sample video from the CD-ROM package.