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Technical Writing & Documentation Development

EMW Communications creates technical documentation: user guides, owner's manuals, reference5 guides, quick start guides, style guides, user experience documents, technology business proposals, white papers and more.

Precise, concise, cost-effective and on-time.

User-friendly and heavily illustrated for the general public, or hard-core technical reference guides.

We have developed user guides and other technical documentation for a wide variety of hardware systems and software applications in the United States and Japan, including:

• Network operating system procedural interface
   reference manuals

• Computer-aided design and manufacturing software    user guides

• Motion picture special effects software user guide

• Motion picture film imaging scanner operator guides

• Interactive television user interface documentation

• Television on-screen sports scoring system    documentation (NBA, MLB)

• Broadcast TV commercial sales and billing systems    guides

• Digital audio mixing/recording workstations owner's    manuals

• Analog/digital/MIDI/audio/musical instruments and    devices

• Style guides for interactive television systems

• Digital  camera owner's manuals

• CD-ROM, CD-RW, and DVD-R installation guides and    user guides

Please check out our portfolio for a partial client roster and information on a few completed projects.